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"Unite with us, as we embark on a transformative journey in eye care, driven by our passion, expertise, and commitment to serving humanity"

In the world of innovation and dedication, there are individuals who strive to make a difference. Meet the dynamic duo, Mr S.P Singh and Mr D.P Singh, whose journey began with their passion for manufacturing and medicinal herbs. Graduates of Chemical Engineering from Gulbarga University Karnataka, these visionary entrepreneurs have amassed over 20 years of invaluable experience in the field.

Joining them in their mission is Mr A.P Singh, the talented son of Mr S.P Singh. With a B.Tech in Biotechnology from SRM Institute of Science & Technology, Chennai, and an MS in Biotechnology from the prestigious University of Melbourne, Mr A.P Singh brings fresh perspectives and expertise to the team. Together, this trio forms a formidable force, blending their diverse backgrounds and skills to create something truly exceptional.

In addition to their team, Mr. JC Mehta, a seasoned investor, recognized the potential of the Singh brothers' vision and joined forces with them. With his extensive experience and strategic guidance, Mr. Mehta has played a crucial role in supporting their endeavors and fueling their growth.

When the world was struck by the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, the Singh family, alongside Mr. JC Mehta, were moved by the collective suffering and the need for innovative solutions to address the challenges faced by humanity. Driven by their innate sense of compassion and their unwavering belief in the power of science, they embarked on a mission to serve humanity in a unique way – by revolutionizing eye care.

Realizing the crucial role that eye health plays in overall well-being, the team set their sights on developing preservative-free eye drops that would provide safe and effective solutions for individuals with various eye conditions. Their vision was to create a product that would not only alleviate discomfort but also prioritize the long-term health and safety of their customers.

With their rich experience in manufacturing and deep-rooted knowledge of medicinal herbs, the team embarked on an ambitious journey to develop cutting-edge preservative-free eye drops. Their aim was to combine the power of science and nature to create a product that would revolutionize the field of eye care. Through extensive research, stringent quality control measures, and a commitment to innovation, they succeeded in formulating a range of eye drops that deliver exceptional results without the use of preservatives.

The Singh family and Mr. JC Mehta's dedication to serving humanity and their passion for eye care have culminated in the formation of their own company. Their preservative-free eye drops are a testament to their unwavering belief in the power of innovation and their commitment to improving the lives of individuals with eye conditions. With their vision set on transforming the way eye care is delivered, the team is poised to make a significant impact in the field, offering hope, relief, and improved vision to people around the world.

In conclusion, the journey of Mr S.P Singh, Mr D.P Singh, Mr A.P Singh, and Mr. JC Mehta is a testament to the power of dedication, compassion, and innovation. Their combined expertise, shared vision, and unwavering commitment to excellence have led them to create a pioneering company dedicated to revolutionizing eye care. Through their preservative-free eye drops, they aim to empower individuals to experience the world with clarity, comfort, and renewed hope. With their knowledge, experience, and support from Mr. JC Mehta, the team is poised to make a lasting impact in the field of eye care and improve the lives of countless individuals worldwide.